Australian Podiatry and Research Education Foundation (APERF)

Australian Podiatry and Research Education Foundation (APERF)

What is APERF?
The Australian Podiatry Education and Research Foundation (APERF) was established in 1990 to advance research into the causes, prevention and treatment of foot problems. With the help of generous donations from the podiatry community – podiatrists, medical suppliers and patients – APERF has supported more than 70 research projects in the past 25 years. These donations directly provide grants to support researchers as they embark upon many and varied academic studies to improve the impact of podiatric treatments.

Why you should donate?
Donating to APERF is a great way to give back to your profession. Better yet, the research conducted by academics now may actually produce results that improve the services you’re able to provide patients in the future!

If that’s not reason enough, all donations over $2AUD are tax deductable. So if nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to help out a great cause, while also reducing your taxable income.

Financial support for podiatry research has fallen well behind the funding available to many other areas of medical research. Adequate funding ensures that researchers are able to undertake focused, controlled studies using the highest standards of research methodology – studies that have credibility in the general medical and podiatric communities, as well as with government and the public. Studies that result in improved practice and better patient outcomes, can lead to substantial savings for the entire health system.

How you can donate?
Your ongoing support is critical for APERF to continue to fund high-quality research projects and is very much appreciated.

One-off donations:
Please contact for more information on one-off donations or anything APERF.

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