Introduction to the One Podiatry project

The idea of one single national podiatry organisation in Australia has been talked about for many years but has gathered momentum since early 2015, when the first discussions took place to consider a restructure of the separately incorporated podiatry organisations.

State boards have been discussing this restructure extensively and a steering committee (led by each state president and the national president) has been meeting monthly since 2015. These discussions about forming a single-entity association are driven by the belief that the common mission for the podiatry associations would be better advanced by having a single entity operating across Australia rather than the current six bodies.

Discussions have gone on for months within each state podiatry association and their membership to explain this new and exciting venture. It is hoped the proposal to create the Australian Podiatry Association will be put to General Meetings of members of State Associations for the vote in favour or against around March 2017, State Associations will notify members of General Meeting dates in their respective states.

Towards One Podiatry Association (OnePodiatry Blueprint document)

To read the proposal to restructure State and Federal podiatry associations into one entity in full (as at 26 November 2016), click here.

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Proposed structural changes

What are the next steps?

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